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Amilca Ismael was born in Lourenco Marques (now Maputo) Mozambique on 25th June 1963, and has been living in Italy since 1986.

In 2008 she made her literary debut with the novel “La casa dei ricordi” (The House of Memories), in 2010 published the second novel “Il racconto di Nadia” (The Story of Nadia), followed by “Effimera libertà” (Ephemeral freedom). In 2014 and in 2020 a forth novel was published “La Comparsa” (the Appearance).

The novels participated in several national and international fairs, such as: Expo America New York, USA; Fair of Rome, Italy; Guadalajara International Book Fair, Mexico; Frankfurt International Book Fair, Germany; Beijing International Book Fair, China”; Cairo International Book Fair, Egypt; London International Book Fair, England. 

In 2010 she was a guest of honor of the Italian ambassador to Mozambique, during the week of the Italian language in the world. Amilca has participated in many interviews in various newspapers, radio stations and television programs both in Italy and internationally. She made TV appearances in Rai Tre (Italian Television) where she was a guest of Licia Colò; National Television of Mozambique “TVM”, guest of Frederico Costa, as well as Rede Record (Brazilian Television), guest of Eunice Andrade.

In 2010 in Catania she won the DONNA SEMPLICEMENTE DONNA literary award as part of the World Day against Violence against Women. In the same year she received from the University of Peace in Italian Switzerland the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN OF THE YEAR AWARD “For Social Commitment” and in 2011 in Naples she won the prize for HUMAN RIGHTS. In 2012 she received in Milan Grand Jury Recognition and Merit at the International Prize of Poetry and Fiction “CULTURAL INTEGRATION THROUGH LITERATURE”. Honorary member of Kiwanis “SERVING THE CHILDREN OF THE WORD” – Member of the “NUCLEO ACADEMICO DE LETRAS E ARTES DE LISBOA” – Honorary member of “CIRO DE ESCRITORES MOCAMBICANOS NA DIASPORA” – and Council Member LITERARTE – INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WRITERS AND ARTISTS – OF BRAZIL.


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